JS Homebuilders  - Overland Park, KS   -   Manhattan, KS
What sets JS Homebuilders apart from the rest?
We build homes, not houses!
1) We are not a production or large scale builder. We build indivual homes for specific clients.  Every job is custom to you and your home. There is no limit to what you can or cannot do, we will find a way to make all your dreams a reality.
2) We try to do every aspect of construction in-house. We do this to maintain the highest quality control possible.
3) We provide up front and itemized costs. We do not hide any details in a bid or estimate and spring them as surprises later that are tacked on to the bill. We feel being honest with our customers is the only way to do business.
4)We operate with written contracts for both your and our protection. We state what we will do for you so you know exactly what you will get. We put it in writing so there is no communication errors and discrepencies on what work is to be done.
5) We deliver what we promise, no exceptions.
6)We maintain different warranties for different products/services. The warranties are a minimum 1 year as long as there is no abuse. We are always available for callbacks if anything should go wrong and will fix any issue you have if it was our fault, we stand by our products and if it fails, we failed, and we will fix it.
We only employ US Citizens who have been through a background check. We have the belief that doing the right thing for people is more important than making a buck. We stand behind our work and employees, construction shouldn't be hit or miss with your contractor. Clients are the reason we exist and they should be treated so.